Lisa PorterUWindsor professor Lisa Porter heads up a research team exploring chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.

Research study wins support from the Breast Cancer Society of Canada

A study into chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer aims to assess patient response at the molecular level while informing best practices for consent in clinical trials.

Headed by UWindsor biomedical sciences professor Lisa Porter, the project “Translational Platform to Dissect the Biology of Relapse for Triple Negative Breast Cancer” won support from the Breast Cancer Society of Canada in the form of a $25,000 research grant.

It was part of $350,000 in funding focused on the rapid movement of research findings from lab bench to bedside, said the society’s CEO, Kimberly Carson.

“The new research projects being funded will directly impact the lives of breast cancer patients by developing new diagnostic tools and treatment plans that are tailored to the individual, as patient-support is no longer one size fits all,” she said.

Besides Dr. Porter, the Windsor-based team includes psychology professor Kendall Soucie, sociology professor Suzanne McMurphy, research associate Bre-Anne Fifield, medical oncologist Caroline Hamm of Windsor Regional Hospital, and Eran Andrechek of the Michigan State University Department of Physiology.

They will work with the breast cancer survivor group the Wonderbroads, patients, and caregivers to improve patient materials and procedures so the study can serve as a model of equity and informed consent for other clinical trials.