suitsWindsor Regional Hospital received the Sue Skrobiak Award of Excellence on Sept. 20 from the Odette School of Business. From left: Bharat Maheshwari, MBA academic director; Mitch Fields, dean of the Odette School of Business; John Skrobiak, Sue Skrobiak’s widower; Karen Riddell, chief nursing officer and chief operating officer of Windsor Regional Hospital; Amie Mandal, Sue Skrobiak’s daughter; Bijan Mandal, Amie Mandal’s husband; Anthony Paniccia, chair of the Windsor Regional Hospital board; David Musyj, Windsor Regional Hospital CEO; Gerry Kerr, MBA professor.

Business school celebrates ties to hospital

The partnership between the Odette School of Business and Windsor Regional Hospital has been long and fruitful, dean Mitch Fields said Sept. 20 in announcing the hospital as the recipient of the Sue Skrobiak Award of Excellence.

Named in honour of a staff member who died in 2018, it is presented annually to a recipient with a positive impact on the MBA program for a sustained period.

“Over the years, the Odette MBA has been through several iterations, redesigns, and formats,” Dr. Fields said. “Throughout our evolution, Windsor Regional has been a valued partner organization. It has hired our graduates, provided valued co-op and internship opportunities, encouraged employees to enroll in our programs, and provided opportunities for faculty research.”

He noted that Skrobiak’s career of almost 40 years at the University of Windsor was dedicated almost exclusively to the MBA program: “The entire Odette team — faculty, staff, students, and alumni — really wanted to recognize her contribution.”

The award presentation was made during the MBA Dean’s Dinner. In attendance were more than 70 MBA students, members of Skrobiak’s family, and representatives of the hospital: board chair Anthony Paniccia, president David Musyj, and chief operating officer Karen Riddell.

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