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Keep cybersecurity a top priority when working off-campus

As many staff are taking part in the flexible work arrangement program, it poses new cybersecurity challenges. Individuals need to ensure their devices and Wi-Fi are safe in any location.  


“Each person's circumstance might present a special challenge. Different considerations apply to those using a dedicated workstation than those with laptops. We want the campus community to keep cybersecurity in mind no matter their location,” says Marcin Pulcer, interim executive director IT Services. 


Cybersecurity tips when working away from campus:


  • If possible, bring your laptop home to use during flexible work arrangement days. This will ensure that you have the most similar work experience between work and home. Staff are required to use corporate-owned devices to work from home.  
  • Use the recently updated VPN to connect to the Internet when working off-campus. This encrypts your data over a wired or Wi-Fi network. All university-owned computers must have the Global Protect VPN installed to access the campus network.  
  • Protect your laptop or mobile device when in transit. Do not leave it unattended to avoid potential theft. 
  • Just like on campus, it is good practice to lock your screen when momentarily leaving your computer. 
  • Ensure your device is running an up-to-date operating system, is kept current with patches and software updates, is rebooted regularly, and is running licensed anti-virus software.


For more cybersecurity best practices, see the Working from Home & Campus web page.  


Led by IT Services, Cybersecurity Awareness Month efforts highlight cybersecurity issues relevant to the UWindsor community. Find more information at