Ocean Wise logoUWindsor food services has renewed its commitment to serving ecologically sustainable seafood.

Sustainable seafood makes cut on campus menus

Food outlets at the University of Windsor have renewed their commitment to serving ecologically sustainable seafood under the Ocean Wise Seafood program.

Ocean Wise Seafood is a non-profit conservation program that makes it easy for businesses and consumers to choose sustainable seafood for the long-term health of oceans, lakes, and rivers. Its standards for sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices include harvest levels that ensure healthy and resilient stocks and limiting negative impacts on habitats and non-target species.

As an official partner, the University of Windsor commits to labelling ecologically sustainable seafood products with the Ocean Wise symbol. The organization has in turn listed Food and Catering Services on its national map of participating suppliers.

“We are proud of our association with Ocean Wise,” says executive chef Paolo Vasapolli. “We are dedicated to providing food that is healthy for ecosystems as well as for diners, and renewing this partnership is a step on our continuing journey toward responsible stewardship of our planet.”