group in classroomPeter Frise, right, welcomes new students in the Master of Engineering program to the University of Windsor.

Orientation session welcomes Master of Engineering students

Faculty, staff, and students welcomed more than 650 Master of Engineering (MEng) students at the 2023 Winter Orientation on Wednesday, Jan 4.

The session included a movie and sports event highlights with popcorn, a light lunch, the presentations themselves, and campus tours.

“It was exciting and fun to see so many enthusiastic new students attend the in-person orientation,” says Dr. Peter Frise, associate dean for professional programs. “The event filled all three of the big lecture theatres in the CEI and was a great success.”

Along with Dr. Frise, the welcome group included:

  • Dean of engineering Bill Van Heyst;
  • Lindsay Miller, technical communications co-ordinator;
  • Donald Bourne, graduate academic advisor;
  • Anne Rudzinski, Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, Resistance and Support;
  • Giselle St. Louis, clinical therapist, and Winnie the engineering therapy dog;
  • Alex Pershai, equity, diversity and inclusion advisor;
  • Nadia Hachem and Laura Ducharme, international student advisors;
  • Sanchit Sanchit and Mantaj Singh, MEng student mentors and Graduate Student Society members;
  • Bruce Minaker, head of the Department of Mechanical, Automotive & Materials Engineering;
  • Colin Novak, MEng (Automotive) program co-ordinator;
  • Brittney Murdock and Danielle Gauthier, secretaries to the associate dean for professional programs;
  • Tiffany Pellegrino, secretary, Office of the Dean;
  • Denise Lauzon, MEng (Automotive) secretary.

The presenters discussed topics essential for students’ academic success and personal well-being as they progress through the MEng program: academic policies, course requirements, faculty advising, immigration guidance, student rights, peer support, mentorship, and clubs and social events.

Following the presentations, student mentors led the newcomers on tours of the Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation and the entire UWindsor campus.