Brian Zanier indicates point on musical score to flautistMusic teacher Brian Zanier of Assumption College Catholic High School is one of the dedicated educators creating meaningful learning experiences for their students.

Discount on upgrade courses shows appreciation to teachers

In addition to working to ensure their students receive quality education, teachers in school boards across the region — and the province — have volunteered their time and classrooms to mentor Bachelor of Education teacher candidates as associate teachers.

As a token of appreciation, the UWindsor Faculty of Education is offering a $100 discount on its Additional Qualification (AQ) and Additional Basic Qualification (ABQ) courses to all teachers who have supervised a UWindsor B.Ed candidate during the current academic year.

Ken Montgomery, dean of the Faculty of Education, thanked these important partners for their unwavering dedication to the teaching profession.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the hardworking and dedicated teachers who go above and beyond to create meaningful learning experiences for our students,” Dr. Montgomery said. “Your tireless efforts and commitment to education are truly inspiring and have a lasting impact on the lives of so many.”

For more information, visit the Faculty of Education website.

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