people in classroom look at slideshow presentationContinuing Education is offering a variety of learning opportunities this fall.

Learning opportunities available through Continuing Education

UWindsor Continuing Education is offering a variety of learning opportunities this fall. Explore a diverse range of open-to-all courses designed to accommodate busy schedules.

UWindsor Prep Program

Short, non-credit prep courses designed to refresh learners’ skills and provide a taste of what classes will bring. Each course is designed to provide a review of Grade 12 curriculum and build the skills learners will need in first-year classes. Starts July 17, online.

Certificate in Christian Studies

Learners will study Christianity in an academic environment from a historical and humanities-based perspective. Starts Sep. 7, in-person.

Project Management Courses

Don’t miss these three certificates to elevate your project management skills:

The Fundamentals of Race and Anti-Black Racism

Through case studies and the sharing of experiences, participants explore their own relationships to power, privilege, and oppression to enhance their awareness within their personal and professional interactions. Limited spots are available for active full-time and part-time employees to receive $100 off towards the course fee, made available through the Department of Human Resources. Starts Sep. 27, online.

Introduction to Critical Care

This introductory course guides nursing professionals through evidence informed nursing interventions, high-level clinical judgement and professional practice skills required to care for patients in the critical care area. Starts Oct. 2 online with self-paced modules and an in-person simulation. Visit the website for all dates. Registration opens soon.

Kaizen: The Foundation of Lean Culture

Taught by award-winning continuous improvement leader Sardar Asif Khan, this course will guide learners through the journey of building a continuous improvement mindset, methods of applying proven lean tools to a variety of areas of business operations, and creating a high-level process flow diagram for their organization. Starts Oct. 11 in-person, or Jan. 16 online.

Applied Leadership Program

Make professional connections and gain practical leadership experience through expert coaching and leadership challenges presented by an industry project partner. Starts Oct. 12, online.

Arrhythmia and 12 Lead Interpretation Workshop

This workshop is designed for those who have experience in basic Lead II ECG interpretation and wish to learn how to analyze and interpret 12 lead ECGs. One-day workshop: Oct. 14 or Nov. 14 and 16, online.

Certificate in Cybersecurity

Participate in engaging online classes to understand threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, the architecture and design of a system, effective implementation of security solutions, incident response and governance, and risk and compliance. Fall schedule to be announced.