High school girls consider a challenge laid out on a labratory tableBudding scientists try their hand at a challenging exercise during the Science Academy, hosted by the University July 3 to 7.

Academy gives high schoolers a taste of science

Grade 11 students flocked to campus for the 10th annual Science Academy, July 3 to 7.

The Faculty of Science hosts students each year and opens each department to showcase what they have to offer. Visitors also get the opportunity to engage with peers as well as UWindsor faculty, staff, and students.

Forty-four top-achieving students participated in mini-lectures and labs, toured the faculty, participated in the amazing science race and heard from alumni about possible career paths to take.

Lauren Roberts from Assumption College Catholic High School says it was a fun week.

“I just thought it would be a cool opportunity to check out all the programs at UWindsor especially because I’m so interested in science,” says Roberts. “A highlight for me was during biomed we looked at human anatomy and the cat dissection and bones — I thought it was really cool.”

This year’s academy was co-ordinated by experiential learning specialist Michelle Bondy, interim dean Dora Cavallo-Medved, and fourth-year biology major Josh Mathews. Lauren Pandolfi from biomedical sciences is one of the 35 undergraduate volunteers.

“It is really good. I led a group on chemistry activities, and I’ve seen a lot of passion and enthusiasm from the students, which is awesome,” says Pandolfi.

Students who participated every day are eligible to receive a $1,000 scholarship to any program in the Faculty of Science.

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