R.J. SivanesanR.J. Sivanesan will DJ the kick-off of the Get Active! Stay Active! Challenge Monday, July 17, as the second entry in the 2023 Summer Concert Series.

Campus invited to tuneful and tasty treats

The second entry in the 2023 Summer Concert Series presented by the Office of the President is aligned with the Workplace Wellness Committee’s Get Active! Stay Active! challenge.

On Monday, July 17, challenge participants will leave from the River Commons at 11:45 a.m. for a walk around campus.

On their return, they will join all members of the campus community in enjoying music by DJ R.J. Sivanesan and some summertime treats: lemonade, ice pops, and ice cream, in the paved commons area on the west side of Turtle Island Walk.

“Get up from your desks, join your colleagues at River Commons, and enjoy the summer months with music and treats,” says organizer Mona Sleiman, event and community relations manager in the Office of the President.

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