Sardar Asif KhanSardar Asif Khan will lead the Continuing Education course “Kaizen: the Foundation of Lean Culture.”

Continuous improvement concept key to Continuing Education course

In an era of evolving business practices and the pursuit of organizational excellence, industry is seeking innovative approaches to streamline operations, eliminate waste, and drive continuous improvement. Recognizing this need, UWindsor Continuing Education is offering the 12-hour informative course, “Kaizen: the Foundation of Lean Culture.”

The Lean methodology is crucial in today’s competitive business landscape. It provides a systematic approach increase efficiency, enabling organizations to stay ahead.

Through a combination of class discussions, simulations, and hands-on activities, participants are equipped with the necessary mindset and tools to establish continuous improvement within their respective companies.

Sardar Asif Khan, continuous improvement lead at Stellantis MOPAR Supply Chain North America and an adjunct professor of mechanical, automotive and materials engineering, will be the instructor for this course.

He says Lean methods are “driven by a continuous improvement mindset that changes the way you perceive and approach tasks. With a deep understanding of the concept, you begin to view things from a customer’s perspective, seeking ways to enhance speed, efficiency, and resource utilization.”

Dr. Khan looks to ultimately build foundational knowledge on continuous improvement systems, focusing on what is known to be the foundation of continuous improvement methodologies, Kaizen. Khan will also help learners gain an understanding of waste identification and value creation while empowering them to optimize processes, effectively solve problems, and enhance overall efficiency.

By the end of the course, participants will grasp the importance behind Lean principles and the necessary skills to implement and sustain continuous improvement using Kaizen, including a high-level process flow diagram for their organization.

This course is open to all and is designed for learners who are beginning to explore lean methodologies; it is a foundational step in building a culture of continuous improvement in any organization.

Class takes place one evening per week, in-person starting Oct. 11 or online starting Jan. 16. To register or learn more about “Kaizen: The Foundation of Lean Culture,” visit the Continuing Education website.

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