Natalie DeliaNatalie Delia is the acting director of the Department of Interdisciplinary and Critical Studies, launched at the start of July.

Department to propel growth in critical studies programs

The new Department of Interdisciplinary and Critical Studies (IaCS), housed within the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, promises to propel growth in Women and Gender Studies, Latin American studies, Disability Studies, Labour Studies, and Black Studies programs as it finds new ways to shape higher education in Windsor-Essex.

Extensive demand has allowed integrated programs to flourish not only in Canada, but globally, notes acting department head Natalie Delia, an associate professor of criminology.

“Critical studies is a growing and evolving field at the intersection of the arts, humanities, and social sciences,” Dr. Delia says. “Our department will provide a comprehensive research and training approach to grow, support, and strengthen the area of critical studies at the University of Windsor while managing and scaffolding the Liberal Arts and Professional Studies program within a framework of interdisciplinary education.”

She says that creating a department dedicated to the field ensures increased student success and provides avenues beyond traditional pathways by expanding the types of academic programs currently on offer.

“Graduates will be well prepared for a variety of professional trajectories. This is particularly true when students choose to augment pre-professional programs with minors in one of the critical studies disciplines,” says Delia. “Employers and graduate schools demand critical literacy for a diverse and equitable world — our undergraduates establish this with majors and minors in the Interdisciplinary and Critical Studies Department.”

Departmental offices are located on the second floor of Chrysler Hall South. View the list of faculty members who will be teaching in this new academic unit.

—Susan McKee