Haesung Ahn and Sheldon Fetter; Mark Potter and Emily Varga.Winners of the 2023 GA/TA Awards. At top Haesung Ahn and Sheldon Fetter; bottom Mark Potter and Emily Varga.

Awards honour GAs and TAs for excellence in teaching

The Centre for Teaching and Learning is proud to announce the winners of the GA/TA Awards.

The winners of the GA/TA award for Educational Leadership are Haesung Ahn, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Sheldon Fetter, Department of Kinesiology.

The winners of the GA/TA award for Educational Practice are Mark Potter, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Emily Varga, Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research.

Ahn said he was astonished and couldn’t believe that he had been selected as a recipient.

“I am honoured and grateful to the many teaching mentors and students who have guided me thus far,” he said.

Potter echoed that sentiment.

“I was grateful to be nominated for this award, and receiving it was a very fulfilling achievement, I am thankful to everyone who helped make this happen,” he said. “Being recognized for my educational practice was a great way to begin the semester.”

Each year the centre accepts nominations for the two awards recognizing contributions by graduate and teaching assistants to the University’s learning environment.

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