faces of people looking like potential leadersGreenShield is the industry project partner for the upcoming session of the Applied Leadership Program offered through Continuing Education.

GreenShield signs on as industry project partner for Continuing Education program

As industry project partner for the upcoming session of Continuing Education’s Applied Leadership Program, GreenShield will provide a real-world case scenario to participants, along with valuable feedback on learners’ capstone presentations at the end of the program.

Mila Lucio, the company’s executive vice-president and head of people and culture and GreenShield Cares, says it is proud to share insights from its long history to help cultivate future community leaders.

“We have evolved to become Canada’s first payer-provider, offering insurance, administering benefits, and paying claims as a payer, while offering health services such as mental health, pharmacy, and medical services as a provider,” Lucio says. “These change efforts required a strong commitment to the personal and professional development of our employees.”

The Applied Leadership Program allows participants to connect with other industry professionals while refining their skills through collaborative teamwork and effective communication strategies. This highly practical program culminates in an industry-sponsored capstone project.

Organizations are encouraged to register individuals who would benefit from leadership training or have been identified as potential leaders.

“We are excited to continue partnering with organizations that drive impact in our community and across Canada,” said Jennie Atkins, executive director of UWindsor Continuing Education. “As one of our country’s longstanding employers and benefits providers, GreenShield as our industry project partner will offer learners valuable insight on how an organization can lead with growth and longevity in mind.”

The program is open for registration to current and aspiring managers, supervisors, and industry leaders. The eight modules take place online from 5 to 8:30 p.m. Thursdays, Oct. 12 to Nov. 30.

More information about the Applied Leadership Program is available on the Continuing Education website.