H5P logoThe Office of Open Learning is forming an H5P working group.

Working group to explore content collaboration software

The Office of Open Learning is forming an H5P working group. UWindsor students, faculty, and staff can use the H5P software to create free interactive content for teaching and learning. Those new to H5P can learn more about it in a workshop.

“It is exciting to see the types of interactions people on campus have built, but I commonly talk to people who don’t seem to have the time to get started,” says Mark Lubrick, a learning specialist in the Office of Open Learning. “We hope this group will help people set aside some time each month and there will be a few of us available to help create resources with and for people.”

The working group sessions will be informal monthly meetings, with participants attending whenever they can.

“The initial plan is for one-hour meetings with a brief demonstration of an H5P content type and how to create it, followed by time to develop your own resource,” Lubrick says. “But we hope eventually the group itself will decide how best to run these.”

The first session is scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 1, but people can sign up using this brief Qualtrics form even if they cannot make that date, as the group will strive to pick dates and times that work for everyone moving forward.

If you are not interested in joining the working group, but need help with H5P, reach out to Lubrick at mlubrick@uwindsor.ca or Ashlyne O’Neil at ashoneil@uwindsor.ca.