worshippers praying in St. Mary's Basilica in BangaloreA project exploring religious persecution of Christians in India is seeking interview subjects. (© radiokafka - stock.adobe.com)

Researcher to explore experience of Christians in India

A study exploring the nature of persecution faced by Christians in India is seeking interview subjects.

John Cappucci, Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair in Religion and Conflict at Assumption University, is seeking respondents 18 years or older who identify as Indian and Christian to complete an interview of 25 to 45 minutes.

Participants need not have experienced religious persecution personally and will receive a $20 gift card for taking part.

The project, entitled “A Forgotten Minority: the Christians of India and Religious Persecution,” has received clearance from the UWindsor Research Ethics Board.

For further information, contact Dr. Cappucci at jcappucci@assumptionu.ca.

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