Call for Artists with photo of woodcockAn American woodcock suffered head trauma after flying into a second-floor window at the CAW Student Centre, the site of a mural project to prevent future such incidents.

Collisions prompt search for bird-safe murallists

Recent bird rescue operations have prompted a call from the UWindsor Sustainability Office for student artists to submit designs for a bird-safe mural at the CAW Student Centre.

The project is part of the University’s continuing efforts to protect local bird populations, says sustainability officer Nadia Harduar.

“We launched our Bird-Friendly Campus initiative last spring, and the mural project is a continuation of those efforts,” she says. “It’s a chance for our community to contribute to bird conservation while adding beauty to our campus.”

Earlier this year, a collaborative effort by Student Health, Counselling and Wellness Services; the Special Constable Service; the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance; and the Organization of Part-time University Students resulted in the rescue of a female American woodcock which had suffered head trauma after colliding with a window overlooking the student centre’s second-floor balcony.

The bird, pictured above, was transported to the Wings Rehab Centre, where she received the necessary care before being released back into the wild.

“The University recognizes the importance of preventing such incidents and seeks innovative solutions to mitigate bird-window collisions,” says Harduar. “The call for artists aims to engage the campus community in creating a visually striking mural while promoting bird safety.”

The call for artists is open until April 24, with a $250 honorarium offered for up to two winning designs. Artists are encouraged to reflect the theme “Connection with nature and birds.”

Interested artists can view the submission form for more information and submission guidelines.

“We extend our gratitude to the Wings Rehab Centre for its invaluable assistance in rehabilitating and rescuing injured birds, and to everyone on campus who has helped report bird collisions through the Bird Collision Reporting Form,” Harduar says.

“The approval of this mural is a direct result of the data obtained on bird collisions over the last year and the efforts of the Bird Safe UWin Team to better protect birds passing through our campus.”
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