digitally enhanced sunrise“Tranquil Horizons?” a work by Madeline Malmberg on exhibit this week and next as part of a show by digital photography students.

Monitors display student photography works

Monitors in the SoCA Armouries and Alan Wildeman Centre for Creative Arts will display works by students in a second-year digital photography class through May 7.

Entitled “Watching at the Same Time,” the slideshow acts as an exhibition of course projects that range from portraits and landscapes to more experimental and abstract photographic studies, says instructor Julie Sando.

“This is the first photo-specific course students in the visual arts program will have taken,” she says. “They received instruction on the use of DSLR camera functions but were also encouraged to use their smartphones to complete their assignments.”

The course offers an introduction to the elements of digital photography including image processing through applications in Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop and artificial intelligence image generation tools.

“I am really proud of the students’ hard work and encourage everyone interested in seeing the results to stop by and view the exhibition,” Sando says.