Ashish Mahajan shaking student's handInterim dean Ashish Mahajan congratulates one of 80 Dean’s Honour Award graduates.

Business school celebrates high-achieving graduates

On June 5, 80 graduating business students were recognized for their outstanding academic achievement in an event hosted by the Odette School of Business.

The Evening of Excellence celebrated Master of Management and Master of Business Administration students who maintained a cumulative average of 85 per cent or above for each semester of their program, and Bachelor of Commerce students who achieved Dean’s List honours for all four years of their program.

Each student received a plaque and certificate commemorating their success.

Interim dean of business Ashish Mahajan says the event was a fitting way to honour the students’ triumphs and successes.

“The students of Odette are nothing short of spectacular,” he says. “I am always so proud to speak to our distinguished alumni and guests to update them on the many contributions our students have brought to the Odette School of Business and the Windsor and Essex County area.”

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