Safety and Sustainability

Kennedy Wonnacott drinking from mugKennedy Wonnacott, marketing and events project co-ordinator in the Office of Enrolment Management, demonstrates environmental awareness by drinking from a reusable mug.

Campaign to recognize individual action on environment

A campaign to spread awareness of green acts and recognize individual actions will highlight efforts towards a more sustainable campus.
Francesco BiondiProfessor Francesco Biondi and Windsor Police Service are teaming up to study distracted driving in school zones, aiming to enhance safety with targeted campaigns and policy recommendations based on comprehensive data collection and analysis.

Researcher teaming up with Windsor police to study distracted driving

The Windsor Police Service is teaming up with a researcher at the University of Windsor to study distracted driving in school zones and other elevated-risk areas of the city.

Francesco Biondi, an expert in how drivers behave behind the wheel, will be leading the study together with Barry Horrobin, director of planning and physical resources for Windsor Police.

living wall in the Centre for Engineering InnovationThe living wall in the Centre for Engineering Innovation incorporates an active biofilter system to purify the building’s air.

Vertical gardens improving indoor air quality

The installation of biofilters in living walls promises a significant enhancement of the air quality in the Centre for Engineering Innovation and the Medical Education Building.