Ainslee Winter

Exhibition to showcase artworks by double-major students

The LeBel Building’s SOVA Projects Gallery is hosting an exhibition by senior students pursuing degrees combining visual arts with a major in another discipline.

“As a result, the works in this student art exhibition explores a wide range of topics and interests,” says the show’s curator, student Kacie Auffret.

Exhibiting students, all of whom are due to graduate this spring, include: Jude Abu Zaineh, Nicole Beno, Erika Duchene, Claudiu-Sebatian Herta, Sarah Robbins, Tayler Morencie, Nikko Ocampo, Rosina Riccardo, Erik Matos, Ashley Washburn-Hayden and Ainslee Winter.

Art exhibition to show sensitivity to seniors

Ainslee Winter has respect for her elders.

“There is a stigma toward the elderly that I don’t understand,” says the fourth-year student of visual arts and psychology. “Our society historically revered them for their experience and wisdom.”

She has produced a series of prints, entitled “Seniority,” she hopes will show the individuality of the subjects.