Danielle Soulliere

Faculty-led symposium to explore practices for teaching large classes

Instructors from across campus will come together to explore and exchange effective practices in large-class teaching at “Effectively Teaching in Large Classes: A Symposium of Ideas,” on Friday, November 18.

Organized by faculty members Judy Bornais of nursing and Julie Smit of biological sciences, the event came about as each of them was independently planning to bring a speaker on the topic to campus.

“When we discovered we were on the same track, we thought, why not make a full day of it?” says Bornais.

Donation to move leftover medical supplies to Third World operating rooms

A donation from members of the Campus Community Police Services will help stock some operating rooms in Third World countries.

CAW Local 195, which represents campus police and parking services officers, made a $300 contribution from its charity fund to help pay the costs of shipping a pallet of surgical supplies to healthcare providers in resource-poor areas of Africa and Asia.