Facility Services

snow-covered sculptureBaby, it’s cold outside: Figures in Hans Schleeh’s bronze sculpture “Embrace” seem to huddle for warmth Tuesday outside Chrysler Hall. Record low temperatures are slated to continue today.

Campus heating struggles to combat cold

Record low temperatures are straining campus heating capacity.
clock bearing "Fall Back" sloganThe maintenance department asks UWindsor employees to help it identify campus clocks that are telling the incorrect time.

Clock out of time? Maintenance can help

The maintenance department asks UWindsor employees to help it identify campus clocks that are telling the incorrect time.

Barcodes to add accountability to campus deliveries

Ensuring that packages delivered across campus have a bar code will make it easier to ensure they arrive at the proper destination, says maintenance manager Rajeev Chawla of Facility Services.

Under a procedure coming into effect this week, his department will require a signature for the delivery of any package. If the vendor fails to attach a bar code, Distribution Services will allocate one.

Utility company provides incentive for University’s conservation efforts

A new system to monitor the University’s energy use will help to identify ways to save both energy and money, says the Facility Services engineer responsible for the project.

“Each building has meters to measure its consumption of electricity, natural gas and cooling water, and now we have a central system to gather all of that information on one desktop,” says Dan Castellan. “We can analyze each building independently and set performance standards.”

Medical Education Building third floor provides shared space for nursing and physician programs

His experience in the simulation labs as a UWindsor nursing student helped Andrew Peltier land his dream job. Even before his June Convocation, the fourth-year student will take up a position in the emergency department of North York General Hospital.

He said the scenario-based job interview was not much different from what he did in the Faculty of Nursing labs.

Water pipe rupture to slow cooling of some campus buildings

A break in the pipes which carry water to cool most campus buildings will complicate the seasonal process of switching from heating to cooling, says Susan Mark, executive director of Facility Services.

“We were in the process of filling our system with chilled water so that we could cool buildings as necessary by May 1, when a 40-year-old pipe broke under pressure,” she said. “Repairs are underway which will allow us to feed chilled water from the Central Refrigeration Plant at the river.”

Audit turns up additional opportunities for recycling

Sorting through the University’s garbage can be a little disheartening, says Taylor Purdy.

A master’s student of environmental engineering, she combed through a pile of trash Friday outside the maintenance compound on Union Avenue, conducting an audit of the waste produced on campus.

“At least half of this could have been recycled,” Purdy said. “It’s especially sad because this pile comes from the Centre for Engineering Innovation, a LEED-certified building where we are not recycling like we could be.”