Facility Services

Audit turns up additional opportunities for recycling

Sorting through the University’s garbage can be a little disheartening, says Taylor Purdy.

A master’s student of environmental engineering, she combed through a pile of trash Friday outside the maintenance compound on Union Avenue, conducting an audit of the waste produced on campus.

“At least half of this could have been recycled,” Purdy said. “It’s especially sad because this pile comes from the Centre for Engineering Innovation, a LEED-certified building where we are not recycling like we could be.”

Dinner to benefit UWindsor staffer battling cancer

Friends and colleagues of UWindsor custodian Linda Bell are organizing a pasta dinner to help her cope with financial pressures arising from an illness.

Bell, who usually cleans Essex Hall, is on long-term disability while undergoing treatment for cancer, explains co-worker Tom Dean.

“She’s on half-pay now and still has a mortgage and three teenaged boys at home,” Dean says. “Linda is really feeling the pressure and we just want to help her out.”

Campus recovers from late-week snowfall

Grounds crews were kept busy at the end of last week, with snow accumulating across campus.

While much of Canada and the eastern United States was pummelled by a winter storm, Windsor got off easy, with snowfall of about seven centimetres. Walkways and parking lots were kept accessible and classes and services proceeded on schedule.

Trees laden with snow, while sidewalks are clear.

Project to collect campus building measurements

Facility Services will begin a 10-month project next week to update the small-scale floor plans of buildings across campus.

Consultants from DiMaio Design Associates will survey and measure all areas—labs, classrooms, offices, mechanical rooms, janitorial closets—in each building. Facility Services will notify the occupants of each affected building as their turns approach.

Facility Services calling on campus community to close windows

Leaving windows open in campus offices, classrooms and labs can be detrimental to buildings’ health, says Facility Services.

The reminder was prompted by an incident last weekend, when a window was left open, freezing water pipes which burst and caused a great deal of damage inside the building.

Although the cold weather this week should provide its own reminder to keep windows closed, freezing temperatures aren’t the only hazard, says administrative assistant Pat Roberts.

Unseasonable temperatures pose a challenge to campus heating and cooling systems

With winter temperatures now dipping low on the thermometer, the campus community is reminded that Facility Services staff has completed the semi-annual system switch from summer air conditioning to cold-weather heating.

Susan Mark, executive director of Facility Services, says maintenance staff spent several weeks preparing equipment at the Energy Conversion Centre, the Central Refrigeration Plant and buildings across campus, and now that the change is in place there is no going back until spring.

Downtown community welcomes UWindsor campus plans

Downtown residents and merchants were excited by what they saw of the University’s plans during an open house Thursday at the Windsor Armouries.

“I think the value of my house is going to shoot up,” said Jon Liedtke, whose home on Victoria Avenue is within walking distance of the three buildings slated for the downtown campus. He was one of dozens of community members who turned out to view renderings, speak with University officials, and grill architects on the details.

University community mourns death of campus carpenter Bernie Mulligan

Friends and colleagues recall Bernie Mulligan as a caring person whose contributions will be missed. Mulligan, a carpenter in the UWindsor maintenance department, died October 1 at the age of 46.

Maintenance manager Rajeev Chawla recalled him as a team player.

“Bernie was always upbeat, always had a smile on his face,” Chawla said. “He had the unique ability to look at any job as a challenge to be completed. He is definitely going to be missed.”

James McGinlay, now manager of residence facilities, started his campus career alongside Mulligan in facility services.