Jeff Noonan

Love of life subject of philosopher's talk

While science and theology may remain at odds over what happens when we die, philosophers like Jeff Noonan are focused on getting the most out of life while they’re still here on earth.

“Socrates said that philosophy is preparation for death,” said Dr. Noonan, who will deliver a public lecture on the subject next week. “He didn’t mean that in a morbid way. He meant that through the process of reflection we hopefully live better.”

Philosophy Day lecture to introduce urban activist

Philosophy professor Gail Presbey of the University of Detroit Mercy will deliver a free public lecture Thursday in downtown Windsor to celebrate World Philosophy Day.

Her lecture, entitled “Revolution and/or Evolution? Grace Lee Bogg’s sustainable activism for Detroit,” begins at 7 p.m. at the Phog lounge.

Jeff Noonan, head of the UWindsor philosophy department, will follow with a commentary. He says Philosophy Day provides an opportunity to remind everyone of the universal scope and public importance of work in the discipline.

Student artwork to provide context for discussion of economic issues

An exhibition of installation and video work by MFA candidate Michael Dirisio will provide context for a discussion of financial precarity and alternative economies, Thursday, November 2, in the main gallery of Mackenzie Hall.

“The event will address the role that political art can play in engaging with the city and with each other, and how it can prompt a reconsideration of social norms and conventions,” says Dirisio.

Time to re-think 'the good life,' philosophy professor suggests

It’s time for society to consider a new definition of materialism and re-think what constitutes ‘the good life,’ according to a philosophy professor who has written a new book on the subject.

In its standard interpretation, materialism says the only things that truly exist are matter and energy and that our reality is defined by them. Ethically, the term has come to be negatively associated with material greed and a fascination with amassing wealth and commodities.