Nevin MacLeod

Nevin MacLeod, Shi Jing Xu, Ming Hua Wang, Jacqueline Veres and David PotocekNevin MacLeod, Shi Jing Xu, Ming Hua Wang, Jacqueline Veres and David Potocek discuss the experiences of reciprocal learning program participants.

Chinese exchange provides unique cultural perspective for UWindsor teacher candidates

An exchange of teacher candidates with China ensures future educators are better equipped to teach new immigrants in Canadian schools.

Alcohol education team hoping to pre-empt St Patrick’s Day revelry

The Student Alcohol Education Team wants to make sure that UWindsor students have a memorable St. Patrick’s Day, but in a positive sense.

“It’s St. Patrick’s Day! Of course we want people to go out and have fun. We just don’t want anyone waking up the next morning regretting his or her decisions, or even worse—not waking up at all,” says alcohol education coordinator Nevin Macleod. “Luckily, this has never happened at UWindsor, but it has at other schools. We just want to remind people to make smart choices and look out for one another.”

Anti-drinking campaign inviting votes for favourite posters

Call them cautionary examples.

The Don’t Be That Guy/Girl responsible drinking program is inviting the campus community to choose the images for a poster campaign depicting the fallout of excessive drinking.

Of more than 24 designs, 10 will be produced for display across the UWindsor and St. Clair College campuses, says student alcohol education coordinator Nevin Macleod.

Balloting will run over the next three days from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.:

Campaign promotes alcohol-free fun

UWindsor students will be educated on responsible drinking and treated to giveaways on Monday, October 15, in the CAW Student Centre Commons during the Beats Over Buzz event, part of a year-round alcohol education campaign.

The Alcohol Education Team will host the event to promote awareness about the issue of drunk driving and how it can be avoided, says student alcohol education coordinator Nevin MacLeod.

Campaign urges students to value Beats over Buzz

Nevin MacLeod enjoys going out with his friends, sharing some laughs and even maybe a drink or two, but says that in his experience, “the best times are the ones you remember.”

It’s a message the Student Alcohol Education Coordinator hopes to bring to as many of his peers as possible. He says the university years are formative for many young people.