Research Matters

Researcher’s findings debunk accepted wisdom about athlete doping

Lance Armstrong’s recent confession to Oprah Winfrey that he had been using performance enhancing substances for years may have led some more cynical observers to believe that doping among elite athletes has reached epidemic proportions.

Recent research by a human kinetics professor, however, suggests the willingness among elite athletes to cheat at all costs isn’t nearly as common as many might believe.

Love of life subject of philosopher's talk

While science and theology may remain at odds over what happens when we die, philosophers like Jeff Noonan are focused on getting the most out of life while they’re still here on earth.

“Socrates said that philosophy is preparation for death,” said Dr. Noonan, who will deliver a public lecture on the subject next week. “He didn’t mean that in a morbid way. He meant that through the process of reflection we hopefully live better.”

'Menaissance' a reaction to fear of lost masculinity, education researcher says

Concerns expressed by some commentators that feminism and queer politics is emasculating men and creating a new generation of sissies is resulting in a “Menaissance,” according to a Faculty of Education professor.

The phenomenon is characterized by males trying to recapture their lost masculinity, however the fear that men are becoming increasingly effeminate is nothing new, says Chris Greig.