Research Matters

Community connections focus of Research Matters pledge drive show

A talk show like Research Matters is just one example of how CJAM connects the university with the local community, according to Vern Smith.

“There are so many important research projects going on at the university and it’s critical for the people who fund them to have an understanding of how that work impacts their every day lives,” said Smith, the campus community radio station manager. “That’s really the whole point of Research Matters.”

No single cure for many varieties of breast cancer, researcher says

Because there are so many different types of cancer there will never be a single cure for them, but researchers have made significant advances in fighting the disease on an individual basis, according to Lisa Porter.

“If you think about it, 60 years ago we didn’t even know what cancer was,” said Dr. Porter, an associate professor in Biological Sciences who devotes much of her lab time to studying the mechanisms that cause cancer cells to divide and grow.

Tales of self-litigants don't support ideals of access to justice, law researchers discovering

It was Abraham Lincoln who once famously remarked “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

That may have been conventional wisdom back in the days when Honest Abe was U.S. President and a former attorney himself, but these days, growing numbers of individuals are opting out of hiring a lawyer when they go to court and choosing instead to represent themselves.