Rosina Riccardo

Exhibition to showcase artworks by double-major students

The LeBel Building’s SOVA Projects Gallery is hosting an exhibition by senior students pursuing degrees combining visual arts with a major in another discipline.

“As a result, the works in this student art exhibition explores a wide range of topics and interests,” says the show’s curator, student Kacie Auffret.

Exhibiting students, all of whom are due to graduate this spring, include: Jude Abu Zaineh, Nicole Beno, Erika Duchene, Claudiu-Sebatian Herta, Sarah Robbins, Tayler Morencie, Nikko Ocampo, Rosina Riccardo, Erik Matos, Ashley Washburn-Hayden and Ainslee Winter.

New interactive art project speaks to t-shirt culture

Making a New Year’s resolution is one thing, but emblazoning it on the front of a t-shirt to tell the rest of the world about how you’re planning to improve takes it to a whole new level of commitment, according to Justin Langlois.

“So often New Year’s resolutions become a token rather than something we invest in,” said the assistant professor in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and founding member of the artist collective known as Broken City Lab.