Sujitha Vejella

Sujitha VejellaSujitha Vejella, an electrical and computer engineering graduate student, displays a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) based radar component she designed for medical diagnostic imaging. Vejella will present her research at the CMC Microsystems TEXPO Competition, October 17 in Montreal.

Engineering student designs portable, low-cost diagnostic imaging system

Engineering graduate student Sujitha Vejella is hoping her promising new research can prove to be a game changer in medical diagnostic imaging.

Campus rolling out welcome mat to high schoolers today

More than 1500 guests pre-registered for Spring Open House, says Zora Savic, but the campus can expect more visitors than that: “We always have students who register at the last minute.”

Student communication and events coordinator in the liaison office, she says almost 40 presentations on academic programs are the heart of the day.

“Getting a chance to meet our faculty members is a highlight for the students and their families,” Savic says. “They love to hear from professors about what to expect.”