University of Windsor Students’ Alliance

Student government to host viewing of US presidential inauguration

The University of Windsor Students’ Alliance will stream live television coverage of US president Barack Obama’s second inauguration, today at 11 a.m. in the CAW Student Centre’s Ambassador Auditorium.

“Some students have been asking for a space where everyone can come view this important event,” says Josh Paglione, the alliance’s director of student life.

The viewing party is free and open to the campus community. More details are available on the event Facebook page.

Students, faculty encouraged to tune out and turn off Friday

Smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets—being plugged in all the time can drive you crazy.

As a finale to Mental Health Awareness Week, Screen Free Day invites members of the UWindsor community to take a break from electronics on Friday, January 18.

The technology fast is a project of Campus Ministry, which has arranged other activities to keep people’s hands busy, including board games all day in the Assumption University lounge.

Student video sends anti-bullying message

Kaitlyn Quigley, a fourth-year student of film and geography, packs a big message in a short film.

She won a video contest on the theme “Stand up to bullying,” organized by the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance as part of its Anti-Bullying Week program. The victory carries a chance to have her one-minute video viewed by students across campus, as well as a $100 cash prize.

Watch Quigley’s winning entry:

Charity fashion show to reflect diversity of taste—and models

Organizers of a charity fashion show on campus this week are making an effort to capture the glitz of a high-end presentation, without reflecting stereotypical preconceptions of what makes a good model.

The show, labelled “Fearless,” is presented by Students for Charitable Enterprise in partnership with the Womyn’s Centre as a fundraiser for Hiatus House, a social service agency offering confidential intervention for families experiencing domestic violence.

Week of activities to promote education against bullying

In an effort to educate students about the serious implications of bullying, the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance has partnered with Windsor Pride to host a series of events next week— International Bullying Awareness Week.

“Bullying doesn’t end when students leave high school, it can continue into University or the workplace,” says Kim Orr, president of the alliance. “That’s why it is so important that we bring attention to the serious mental and physical effects that bullying can have on people.”

Techno superstar Richie Hawtin to host music workshop

Electronic music innovator and DJ Richie Hawtin will present a workshop called “CNTRL: Beyond EDM - Electronic & Techno(logy) Based Music” at the University of Windsor’s Ambassador Auditorium on November 7 from 5 to 7 p.m.

The event will combine educational daytime lectures on music technology for fans of electronic dance music (EDM), showing them the roots of the music, the history of a global movement and the future of music technology and performance.

Health Fair full of giveaways and takeaways for students and staff

UWindsor students and staff were educated on wellness issues and treated to giveaways at the Health Fair in the CAW Student Centre Commons on Wednesday.

“Students need to know about our programs so that they can easily access the help they need right here on campus,” says Sophie Kargl, who staffed a booth for Campus Recreation.

Kargl promoted physical activity and fitness classes at the Forge Fitness Centre, encouraging students to spin the Info Wheel, which had questions testing their knowledge of health issues affecting young people.

Lecture to discuss body’s defence against cancer

Tumors are like new organs, says Mina J. Bissell, and are made of multiple cell types and components. Before they can grow, they must compete with the microenvironment to overcome anti-tumorigenic pressures.