Vincent Manzerolle

OPUS awardeesThe Organization of Part-time University Students celebrated its 30th annual awards banquet Friday. Among the honourees were (from left) Tim Gregorian, Julien Chin, Mark Trudell, Chris Lanoue, Selma Huxley-Gannage, Nancy McMahon, Vincent Manzerolle, Victor Sevillano Canicio, and Ronnie Haidar.

Reception honours awards recipients

Some 100 guests attended the 30th annual awards banquet of the Organization of Part-time University Students on Friday.
Irek Kusmierczyk, Anneke Smit, Patricia Galvão-Ferreira, Christopher WatersWindsor-Tecumseh MP Irek Kusmierczyk announced $125,000 in funding through the Climate Action Fund to Windsor Law, represented by professors Anneke Smit, Patricia Galvão-Ferreira, and dean Chris Waters.

Local action on climate change subject of youth workshop

A three-day workshop starting March 8 will give youth tools for working towards climate action in their communities.