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Hope: Natural Treatment

"We firmly believe that Dr. Pandey & his students in cooperation with Dr. Hamm are most deserving of continued community support.

Their remarkable lab findings that dandelion root extract as well as a Hawaiian lily plant extract are able to kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells are full of promise. Both are non-toxic treatments for some of the most chemo resistant types of blood cancer as well as other cancers. This is a dramatic departure from the many chemo treatments that, over time, can be quite devastating to a once healthy immune system.

This talented team offers the possibility of an alternative natural based treatment that would leave an immune system in tact to fight the cancer cells as well. The potential to alleviate human suffering is truly inspiring. These people are working for all of us & our loved ones. We have the greatest respect & admiration for their heroic endeavors. We pray that no one will ever find themselves facing this challenge but if they do, these are the people that you would want working on your behalf.

Having lost our son, Kevin Couvillon, nearly 2 years ago to a three and one half year battle with leukemia, we have witnessed & experienced the pain & devastation that cancer brought into our lives. Our son was our personal hero, meeting his cancer challenge daily with hope, humor & wisdom. He filled his days with family, friends & work, all the while doing everything that was asked of him medically. Unfortunately, there were not enough tools in the cancer tool chest to help him.

It’s just so important to try to find something non-toxic. We know that if Kevin had something non-toxic, he would have made it. His immune system had become compromised by the chemotherapy, and he got an infection that eventually took him. He could fight the cancer but he couldn’t fight the cure.

We hope the future holds more choices for those who are faced with this challenge.

This extraordinary team is committed to that cause."

-- Dave & Donna Couvillon