D.S.S.A. Disability Studies Student Association

Disability Studies Student Association, D.S.S.A. 

Winter 2023 Events

D.S.S.A is holding an online auction on Facebook the raise money for Noah's House. The auction will open February 24th at 12:00pm and close February 27th at 6:00pm. I was wondering if you could share our flyer and the link to our auction to the Disability Studies Students? 


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D.S.S.A. (Disability Studies Student Association) will be offering a bake sale on main campus to promote awareness and raise funds for Alzheimer's disease on Friday, January 27th from 12 noon until 3:30pm in the Student Centre. Help support this cause and our wonderful student group, D.S.S.A.!

D.S.S.A.'s Spring 2022 Updates

D.S.S.A.'s Spring 2022 Events

D.S.S.A. hosts Disability Inclusion Webinar, April 5th, 2022

D.S.S.A. is in the local news!

Meet the D.S.S.A. 2022-2023 Members

This is a headshot of Zoe DumouchelleHi, my name is Zoe Dumouchelle, and I am a third-year Disability Studies and Social Work student. I am the 2022-2023 Co-President of D.S.S.A. I am excited to work with my peers in making the University of Windsor a more accessible and inclusive environment!

This is an upper body shot of Kat Muscedere. Kat is in a field of yellow flowers and she is smiling in the camera.

Hi everyone! My name is Katerina Muscedere (she/her), and I am currently in my fourth year of Social Work and Disability studies. I have always had a passion for advocating for individuals with disabilities. I have joined this group to make sure everyone gets the support that is needed. I am very thankful for this opportunity and cannot wait to make a difference!  

This is an upper body photo of Princess Kona Banya. Princess is smiling into the camera. There is a cabinet behind her. My name is Princess Kona Banya .I am a first-year student in Social Work Pre and Disability.

I am a mother of four kids. Since I immigrated to Canada two years ago with my family my previous field of work was logistics. I was motivated by my last child who is a special need to study this course. I will like to help especially people with disabilities and more so parents with kids with disabilities who may be having troubles dealing with them as it can be a bit stressful sometimes . Also to look after for social and welfare needs of Canadians. During my free time, I like cooking.

This is a headshot of Mia EnnisHello! My name is Mia Ennis, and I am a fourth-year student in the combined Social Work and Disability Studies program. This year I will be holding the position of 4th year representative of D.S.S.A. I strive to continually advocate for accessibility at the University of Windsor for all students. I am excited to support students, learn from others, and fundraise this school year! 

This is a photo of Anna Jagoe. She is on a beach with a beautiful sunset behind herMy name is Anna Jagoe, and I am the Social Work and Disability Studies Representative for D.S.S.A for the 2022-2023 academic year. This will be my second year being a part of D.S.S.A and my first year being an executive member of the team. I first joined the Disability Studies Student Association because I wanted to have the opportunity to meet people in my program who share some of the same interests that I do. I live with cerebral palsy, a physical disability that has impacted my life in many ways. It has allowed me to have a passion for accessibility and prompted me to desire a life where I can help ensure everyone has equal access to everything. Joining D.S.S.A was a great decision to start working to achieve my goals. The association does terrific work within the Windsor-Essex community, and I'm very optimistic that we will continue to do so this upcoming year. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the Social Work & Disability Studies program, and I will do my best to get you an answer!

This is a head shot of Christina Pacitti.My name is Christina Pacitti, and I am a fourth-year student in Psychology & Disability Studies.  I have been a general member of DSSA since I began my schooling at the University of Windsor.  It  has been an amazing group that contributes to the special needs community and promotes inclusivity in society.  Since I have a sibling living with Down syndrome, I have always felt the need to support her and show the world all she can do as an individual!  My hope for the 2022-2023 school year is that DSSA continues to impact Windsor-Essex families and make a difference for the local community.  I am most excited about the Rock Your Socks event in March for World Down Syndrome Day!  I look forward to buying some fun, colored socks to show my support for individuals living with Down syndrome and celebrate the wonderful individuals they are!

This is a headshot of Ashley TamMy name is Ashley (she/her) and I'm in my second year of the disability studies and psychology program. I joined DSSA because I want to learn more about how the disability studies that I'm learning about, can be applied in real-life situations. In addition, I want to be a strong member of the community and do what I can to make UWindsor an accessible place for everyone, regardless of their needs. I am excited to fundraise this year!

This is a headshot of Hailey ZannellaMy name is Hailey Zannella (She/Her)  and I and a second-year student majoring in Psychology with a thesis and Disability Studies! I will be the Disability Studies representative! I am so excited to meet so many awesome people and to advocate for inclusivity and accessibility on campus. Can't wait to meet everyone! 



Contact Disability Studies

The University of Windsor
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Phone: 519-253-3000, Ext. 2315
Email: disabilitystudies@uwindsor.ca