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D.S.S.A. hosts Disability Inclusion Webinar, April 5th, 2022

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Meet the D.S.S.A. 2021-2022 Members

This is a headshot of Zoe DumouchelleHi, my name is Zoe Dumouchelle, and I am a second-year Disability Studies and Social Work student. I am the Social Work and Disability Studies Representative for the D.S.S.A. I am excited to work with my peers in making the University of Windsor a more accessible and inclusive environment!

This is a headshot of Mia EnnisHi everyone! My name is Mia Ennis and I am currently in my third year of Social Work and Disability Studies. I will be taking on the role of third-year representative in DSSA this year! This is my first year joining DSSA and I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing group. To start, I was originally a general Social Work student aiming towards a minor in psychology. However, I realized during the second semester of my second year the various learning opportunities taking the combined degree with disability studies would offer me. I am so happy I made that change, as I recognize the tools the program has given me to hopefully one day function as a better Social Worker in work with those apart of the disability community effectively. In joining DSSA, I am looking forward to volunteering with disability-centered organizations and advocating for those who come to me as their representative. Like many, I had a desire to be a part of something during my first two years of undergrad, and to find something that simultaneously gives me experience and that I am passionate about I am truly grateful for. I look forward to being this year's third-year rep, and I am eager to connect with other students, and have meaningful conversations that can implement change!

This is a headshot of Kelly Gallacher


This is my first year in the DSSA, and I am very excited to work with this lovely group of people. I always wanted to join a student group, particularly the DSSA; I finally took the step in my final year of my undergrad (better late than never!). I am so grateful and fortunate to be a part of this community. I love connecting with diverse and like-minded individuals in my program who share the same passions. I look forward to advocating for and supporting students in DS programs and students with disabilities here at the university. I hope to use my personal experiences with disability and amplify other voices with lived experience with a disability to grow and change the way society thinks about disability as a collective. I am very excited to unite with other organizations in the community for future events. I am anticipating invisible disabilities week as well as the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store; I am eager to learn and make a difference with this empowering group of students!

This is a photograph of Sara Harper. Sara is wearing a D.S.S.A. sweatshirtHello everyone! My name is Sara Harper (she/her) and I am a fourth-year double major Social Work and Disability Studies student. I am the Disabilities Studies representative for the DSSA! I am honoured and grateful for this position and am excited to be involved in the DSSA. Campus involvement is important for every student, so I encourage every student who is in the disability studies program to join! I previously attended George Brown College before my undergrad to learn American Sign Language and Deaf culture as well as Braille. I currently work as an Intervenor for those who are Deafblind and have an intellectual disability. I am passionate about Deaf and Disability rights and advocacy, and I am committed to becoming completely fluent in American Sign Language and using it in my future practices. In the future, I hope to complete a degree in the combined JD/MSW program and further my advocacy and allyship through law.  

This is a photo of Isabelle Howie. She is standing in front of gate and gardenHi everyone! My name is Isabelle Howie and I am the Fourth Year Representative for DSSA. This is my first year joining DSSA and I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing group. I have always had a passion for advocating and being an ally for individuals with disabilities. I have an older brother with ASD and I have seen first hand his day to day struggles as well as the many gains in his life. He would not be the man he is today without the assistance from very special individuals and support workers throughout his life thus far. I have and will always be there for him, and now that I’ve joined DSSA I am honoured to be here to support others in a similarly meaningful way.  I am very thankful for this opportunity and looking forward to a fantastic and memorable year! 

This is a headshot of Sarah Hughes. Sarah is smiling into the cameraMy name is Sarah Hughes. I am in my 2nd Year of Psychology and Disability Studies and my 2nd Year on DSSA. Last year I was elected the 1st year Representative and this year I am the Discord Coordinator and 2nd Year Representative. I love being an advocate for people with disabilities and making the University and society more accessible when possible. I started Discord channel this year with daily motivational quotes (to keep you going) and daily varieties of video link mediations (which I believe is extremely important to spend some down time with yourself). The link is here please join for support or if you have a disability https://discord.gg/tZDkpEBfUW

Sarah was awarded the OHREA Accessibility Award in December! This is a wonderful achievement and quite an honour! Thank you for all you do for the University of Windsor, the Disability Studies program and the disabilities community! Please read more about the award ceremony at OHREA Awards presented during virtual ceremony | DailyNews (uwindsor.ca)


This is a photo of Ailish O'Connor. Ailish is wearing a blue D.S.S.A. sweatshirtMy name is Ailish O’Connor. I am the secretary of DSSA and in my fourth year of Developmental Psychology with a minor in Disability Studies. I joined DSSA in my first year and never looked back! The passion each member brings inspires me each and every day. I have created such amazing connections within the community and also created a great group of friends. I am looking forward to seeing what this year brings for DSSA and am hoping we can get some in-person events sometime this year

This is a headshot of Laura RoldanHi! My name is Laura Roldan (she/her), and I am a second-year Social Work and Disability Studies student. This is my first year joining the D.S.S.A team and I will be the treasurer for this year. I wanted to join this group because I love being able to help with anyone or anything in any way that I can. I am very excited and eager to learn more about ways in which we can help within the community. 

Along with my role in the D.S.S.A., I am also a part of the Ignite program. My job primarily consists of helping multiple professors with any technical problems that they may have during their classes. Also, I have been co-managing the Disability Studies Facebook and I have created the Disability Studies newsletter. This position has given me the opportunity to meet and work with many people within my Faculty and for that I am so grateful.

This is a photo of Celeste Simpson. Celeste is wearing a D.S.S.A sweatshirt. The letters are represented in braille.This is now my 5th year is DSSA and my 3rd year as the Co-President. I went to a meeting on a whim, and I haven’t looked back since! I can’t even put into words how thankful I am that I came across and joined DSSA, it has changed my life and my mindset for the better. I decided to add Disability Studies to my degree in case Social Work didn’t work out, it wasn’t something I was particularly interested in. But in joining DSSA, volunteering with disability-centered organizations, and working closely with people with disabilities I developed a love for the work and the disability community. So much so, that I would consider working in the field, something I would have never even thought of 5 years ago. I joined DSSA because I wanted to join a club to boost applications and my resume, but it has since become my passion. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today if it weren’t for DSSA, and for that I am eternally grateful.

This is a photo of Amandine Soho. Amandine is in a field of cornstalk. She is holding up the peace sign with her hand. Hi! My name is Amandine Soho and I am a second year student studying Forensics and Criminology. I am currently a general member who is excited to work with a group of people who are aware of the issues the community has with disabilities and are interested in making this place more accessible and inclusive for everyone. Although this is my first year joining, I hope to be able to make a small difference and help many more people feel comfortable in a growing environment.

This is a headshot of Ashley TamMy name is Ashley (she/her) and I'm in my first year of the disability studies and psychology program. I joined DSSA because I want to learn more about how the disability studies that I'm learning about, can be applied in real-life situations. In addition, I want to be a strong member of the community and do what I can to make UWindsor an accessible place for everyone, regardless of their needs. I am excited to fundraise this year!


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