Meet our Disability Studies Student Representative

Disability Studies Student Representative


What is a student representative?

Student representatives are elected by the student body each year in the fall semester.  The school sends a call to all students by email at the beginning of the semester. There is an election process, followed by voting and ultimately the student representatives are annouced by the program secretaries via e-mail. The Disability Studies Program has one student representative per academic year. 
The student representatives represent their cohort in various school meetings. They are required to attend school council and other meetings as outlined in the various job descriptions. They bring forward student concerns and relay information back to students. They are a vital part of the school! We strongly encourage students to be a student representative.
If you would like to contact your student rep, please contact and indicate your program and year of study. The school will forward your information to the appropriate student representative. 
Please note we will be issuing the Student Rep process within the few weeks of classes. The Program Secretary will be emailing out information to all Disability Studies students. Please see information on Zoe Dumouchelle, 2021-2022 Disability Studies Student Rep below. 

Zoe Dumouchelle, Disability Studies Student Representative

This is a headshot of Zoe Dumouchelle Hi, my name is Zoe Dumouchelle. I am a third-year Disability Studies and Social Work student. I am the  D.S.S.A. (Disability Studies Student Association) Co-President and the Disability Studies Student Representative for the Disability Studies program. I will attend The School of Social Work’s School Council and Disability Studies committee meetings for the 2022-2023 academic year. I am honoured and grateful to have been given the opportunity to aid in making change on campus through using student voices! I want to welcome everyone back to campus and I wish you all success in the 2022-2023 school year!


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