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Site Review / Audit

New Drupal 7 sites must go through a site audit by PAC before they will be approved to go live.

Your entire website will be reviewed page-by-page to ensure it meets AODA guidelines, W3C requirements and other external and internal guidelines that all university websites must meet.

It is not expected that content editors will keep track of all these guidelines. It is normal to have corrections that need to be made before your site can go live.

A site audit can take multiple days depending on the size of your site and the number of corrections that will need to be made before receiving approval to go live.

Please allow time for a site audit in your timelines.

A site audit cannot be skipped.

You are strongly encouraged to ask PAC to perform a preliminary review of your first few pages. In that way, you do not end up duplicating mistakes across your entire website.

Existing Drupal 7 sites will be audited from time to time on a random basis to ensure compliance with the same requirements.

Read more about the new site process.