Logging in and out

To log into your website:

Go to your website and add /user to the end of the URL, for example, to log into uwindsor.ca/history you would go to uwindsor.ca/history/user.

Note: You can only log into a website after you have been set up with editing rights.

By adding /user to the address you bypass the home page and go to the log in screen.

Use your UWinID and password to log in.

Log in screen

Once logged in you should see a black editing bar at the top of your website similar to below:

Edit bar inside of Drupal

If you do not have a black editing bar then you are not properly logged in.

Once you log in successfully the system will display either the website home page or the My Workbench page depending on the status of your site.

To log out of your website:

Select “Log out” in the top right corner of the black editing bar. Remember to log out of the website once you have completed your editing.

Note: The system will log you out automatically if you move between websites or are accessing different servers while working on your website so please remember to save your work often.