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Web Form Request

Web forms can be created in any Drupal 7 website. These forms can collect information from users, have multiple choice and other question types, be connected to e-commerce for payments of fees and handle general form tasks like event and conference registration, workshop sign-ups, questionnaires etc.

If you are requesting support from IT Services to create the form we need certain basic information to get started.
Please fill out the form below.

The typical structure of these types of web forms would be something like:
1. Information about the event
2. Information to be collected from the user (name, email, address etc.)
3. Item selection (quantity of tickets, packages etc.)

If there isn't any payment to be collected we can set up the form right away.

If you need to collect payments, an e-commerce account must be requested through Finance, in addition to an account number. To find information about that process, please go to

Personal Information
Web Form Information
Users may be coming to this form directly with no other information. Please provide a summary of what, where, when and why regarding this form. This text will go at the top of the page to introduce the form.

What information do you want to collect about the person who fills out this form (name, address, student number, phone, age?). Please list all the information fields you require.

What additional fields are required? Do you need to ask your users specific questions? Do you need to know what packages they are selecting, what items they are interested in, do they need to upload a file, do you need to know if they have special dietary needs etc.? Please list any additional fields you require. Indicate "None" if there are no further fields.

Your web form can be connected to e-commerce so that your users can complete their purchases online after they fill out the form. NOTE: Online purchases can only be completed by credit card at this time (no debit).
Please list all the items and their prices, or workshop fees, or registration costs or any other e-commerce information. Also, indicate if the items are taxable or not.

You have indicated that you will be collecting money online.
Please review the e-commerce information page on how to get this set up with the Finance department.
You must complete that process in addition to submitting this form.

We cannot complete your web form without the e-commerce process being completed.

Every time someone submits a form it will be stored in your website and can be analyzed, sorted and downloaded as a spreadsheet. In addition, if you want, every submission can be sent to one or more email addresses. Please indicate your preference.