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Music education professor Janice Waldron with colleagues at conferenceMusic education professor, Dr. Janice Waldron

Janice Waldron's panel symposium (of which she was the convenor) not only was accepted, but was chosen as the leading symposium at the Research in Music Education Conference 2015 , which was held in Exeter UK in April 2015.  This symposium is titled, " A brave new world: Theory to practice in participatory culture and music education" Convener: Janice Waldron (University of Windsor, Canada) + Roger Mantie (Arizona State University, USA), Evan Tobias (Arizona State University, USA) & Heidi Partti (Sibelius Academy, Finland)".

Janice also presented a paper entitled "Going Digitally Native”: Networked technologies, convergence, and music learning and teaching" at the conference.

In February, she presented her paper entitled "Social Networks/Social Media as Agency in Music Teaching and Learning,"   at the 10th Biennial Suncoast Music Education Research Symposium, The University of South Florida, Tampa Florida.  A great location in February!

Janice was asked to contribute a chapter in three "big" global books coming out in Music Education this year. She was invited to be a contributor because of her acknowledged expertise and international reputation in the field of music education - specifically in this case, social media/networks and music education.

First book:  Routledge Companion to Music, Technology & Education.

Second book:  the Oxford Handbook on Technology and Music Education, Alex Ruthmann and Roger Mantie, Co-Editors. The Handbook goes to print in July 2015.  http://ohotame.musedlab.org/

Section III: Experiencing, Expressing, Learning and Teaching

How does technology impact the learning and teaching of music? How should it (or shouldn’t it)?

Provocation Questions:

  1. What are examples of effective uses of technology? Under what conditions might technology be inappropriate or ineffective?

  2. What are familiar challenges to implementation and what strategies have thus far proven effective?

  3. Are there limits to what technology affords and constrains?

Michael Medvinsky (Bloomfield Hills Schools, USA)

Janice Waldron (University of Windsor, Canada)

Gillian Howell (Australia, community music)

Third book:  The Oxford Handbook of Community Music

Dr. Waldron has also been chosen to sit on three international Editorial Boards for cutting edge music education journals. They are:

  • International Journal of Music Education Editorial Board, January 2015 - 2021.
  • TOPICS, a new, free, peer-reviewed, online journal in music education. It is being organized by The MayDay Group (MDG), a global organization of about 500 music education theorists, to fill a niche for critical reviews of practice and policy, as well as creative ideas in music teaching and learning. Our more scholarly journal, ACT (http://act.maydaygroup.org/) has been making an impact for over ten years, and we're ready to branch out. TOPICS, btw, is an acronym for Themes, Opinion, Practices, Innovation, Curriculum, Strategies.
  • Media Journal in Music Education

Dr. Janice Waldron, Associate Professor, Music Education

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