What's Next for class of 2015

Chancellor Ed Lumley "high 5's" a graduate during Convocation in June 2014Chancellor Ed Lumley "high 5's" a graduate during Convocation in June 2014
Next Adventures for SoCA’s 2015 Graduates
Chantelle Boismier, BFA, Visual Arts '15 with her awardsChantelle Jacqueline Boismier, BFA, Visual Arts ‘15,  Board of Governors Medal and President’s Medal recipient.
Excerpts form Chantelle’s interview with UWindsor Public Affairs. Their questions: “What urged you to do the extra curricular activities?  And in Arts in particular? How do you feel about winning the medal?”
I don’t see anything that I have done to be ‘extra curricular’. I stay involved in my community and my school because it is part of my life. Arts, sports and leadership are my passion. I feel like when there are opportunities to put your talents and passions to good use, it is your responsibility to do so. What good are talents if you can’t use them to better yourself, the people around you and your community. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by motivating friends, family, students and advisors who push me academically and artistically. Getting involved and being part of successful ventures builds character, and adds perspective. Whenever you think you are overwhelmed or stressed out, there is a group of people who can say, “We are in the same boat, we understand and we got this!” When I see how much other people in my life can accomplish in the same 24 hour day, I get the motivation to keep going and try to do as much as I can.
As a Visual Arts Graduate, I wanted to make the most of my degree in the short time that I was here. When you are an artist – your biggest advocator is yourself. You need to get your name out there. The BEST way to get to know people is to GET INVOLVED! I encourage everyone who has ever complained about an aspect of their program or their degree, to get involved in something at their school, or in their community and start a chain reaction of change.
I hope that the (SOCA) Visual arts Society’s work this year has created events that new students can get excited about. I hope that this recognition can bring some much needed attention to the Visual Arts, and shine a light on some of the amazing people and artists we have working together in the LeBel Building. We need more people in our school community to be passionate and proud of the School of Creative Arts – this requires constant administrative support, involvement and example, and student involvement, leadership, creativity and a need to get involved.
As a competitive athlete with Mady’s Martial Arts, I encourage everyone, especially females to get active. Start today: join a club, join a team, take your dog for a walk. It is important for your physical and mental health to start moving in a world that is so plugged in. Thank you to Professor Sarah Woodruff and Graduate student Sara Santarossa, for the honorary HK status and seeing the opportunities that can emerge from mixing creative artists and passionate athletes. I hope to see more cross-faculty partnerships in the future! This creates a more cohesive University.
I am very proud to be receiving these two medals (Presidents and Board of Governor’s). I’ve worked my butt off these past few years, always striving to do better, and it is very humbling to know that my efforts did not go unnoticed. Thank you to Professor Sigi Torinus, all of my advisors and the University of Windsor for this honour.
Music grads Meghan Chamberlain, Zack Harrison, Mark McCorkle and Mitch Glover will study Musicology in grad school.Four Music Grads heading to graduate schools to study musicology this fall
Four SoCA | Music grads have translated an independent study course with musicologist Dr. Sally Bick into acceptance at three Canadian universities’ graduate musicology programs.
Meghan Chamberlain, BMus ’14 is headed to the University of Toronto. Meghan is also the recipient of a major SSHRC grant for her research thesis proposal.
Zack Harrison, BMus ’15 will head to Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia this fall.
Mark McCorkle, BMus ’15 and Mitch Glover, BMus ’15 are headed to the Don Wright Faculty of Music at Western University in London to continue their studies.
David Bergeron, BMus (H) ‘15
David will be staying around Windsor teaching and composing to best prepare for entering a graduate program in composition or sonic arts.
Jihyun Hong, BMT '15Jihyun Hong, BMT ‘15
Jihyun Hong is heading to Concordia University in Montreal to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Music Therapy. She would like to thank especially Dr. Philip Adamson, Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes, Prof. Emily Finnigan, Rebecca Goldstein, Peter Wiebe, Konstantin Popovic, music professors, staff, and music therapy practicum classmates. 
Michelle Naarden, BA (H) in Music '15Michelle Naarden, BA[H] in Music ‘15
I am graduating with a BA[H]- Music with a minor in psychology. Next year I am continuing my education and following my dreams of teaching music. I will be attending Althouse Faculty of Education at Western for my Bachelor of Education. Although I will miss the great experiences and friends made in Windsor, I am excited to be back in my hometown and cannot wait to see what adventures lie ahead as I follow my passion of music education.
Jocelyn Putnam, BMus '15Jocelyn Putnam, BMus (H) ‘15
Jocelyn Putnam is graduating with a Bachelor of Music - Honours degree with a minor in French Studies. In the fall, she will be returning to The University of Windsor to pursue a Bachelor of Education degree, specializing in Intermediate/Secondary with teachables in Music - Instrumental and French as a Second Language.
Donja Jean Trivers, BMT '15Donja Jean Trivers, BMT ‘15
I will receive my Bachelor's of Music Therapy with a minor in Psychology degree this June. I am currently working at a long-term care home in the Waterloo Region as a Recreation Assistant and loving it! However, I am still looking for Music Therapy opportunities. Currently, I am enrolled in on-line Recreation courses and am planning on enrolling in a MBA program for the Fall of 2016. I would like to thank the many mentors and peers that saw me through my four years at the University of Windsor, and look forward to seeing everyone in June!