SoCA Class of 2015

SoCA class of 2015 Music graduates with undergraduate coordinator Dr. Philip AdamsonSoCA class of 2015 Music graduates with undergraduate coordinator Dr. Philip Adamson

SoCA Class of 2015. Congratulations to all of our graduates!

Chantelle Boismier with Prof. Sigun Torinus pose after convocation

Board of Governors Medals

Music – Wilma Marlyse Bergstra*
Visual Arts – Chantelle Jacqueline Boismier*

President’s Medal

“As a Visual Arts Graduate, I wanted to make the most of my degree in the short time that I was here. When you are an artist your biggest advocator is yourself. You need to get your name out there. The best way to get to know people is to get involved! I encourage everyone who has ever complained about an aspect of their program or their degree, to get involved in something at their school, or in their community and start a chain reaction of change.”  Chantelle Boismier

Master of Fine Arts

Patricia Marie Coates
Vanessa Christina Frances Cornell
Amanda Rachel Dudnik
Jorge Arturo Herrera Nunez
Aaron Moran

Elizabeth Zuwala, Sarah Mitchell and Jocelyn Putnam, all BMus '15Bachelor of Arts

Honours Communication, Media and Film and Music

John Norman Moore

Honours Music

Drew Alan Bechard
Tanya Therresa Currie
Michelle Leigh Naarden

Honours Music and Visual Arts

Molly Anne Higgins

Honours Psychology and Visual Arts

Karissa Kiara SardinhaAri Skulko-Kozlov, Dr. Jonathan Bayley and David Boyd celebrate their BEd degrees with their Music advisor

Honours Visual Arts and Art History and Visual Culture

Finlay Stonehouse Traynor MacDonald MacLeod

Honours Visual Arts and Communication, Media and Film

Sixu Chen
Nesma Ghaly
Win Shi Wong
Jennifer Jane Ymana
Ben Broll and Richard Kelly, both BMus '15

Bachelor of Arts – (Four Year Major)


Akindele Harold Faulkner
Natasha Saliba

Visual Arts and Communication, Media and Film

Anthea Wen-Yan Chan


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Emily Lemmon, BEd '15, with Dr. Jonathon Bayley

Honours Visual Arts

Chantelle Jacqueline Boismier*
Jenara Ashley Bravo
Yan Yung Cheng*
Kristy Cons
Elizabeth Maria Dalla Bona
Alexandra Nina-Marie Ducharme
Carissa May Fontana
Mary Clifford Gasparovic*
Kristina Marie Greco
Chloe Marie Klein*
Mark McCorkle with his proud Dad after ConvocationBrandon Lachance*
Miranda Leigh Lauzon*
Adria Joy Macri
Domenica Mediati*
Heather Ann Metcalfe
Elayna Anne Rajsigl*
Lauren Reaume
Michelle Katherine Riddolls
Alyssa Marie Rigney
Yuan Shao
Han Wang
Xiao Xiao Zhang*

Honours Visual Arts and the Built Environment

Alexandra Simpson, BMus '15
Weslie Joseph Strain

Bachelor of Music

Honours Music

David Johnathan Bereron*
Benjamin Andreas Broll
Jonathan Christopher Chaif
Christopher Maurice Chamberlain*
Aaron Peter Eichler
Sondra Gallina
Mitchell Ryan Glover
Breanna Roles, BMus'15Monika Kristina Hakala
Zackary Harley Jacob Harrison*
Richard Jon Kelly
Monica Anna Lamos
Mark Kenneth McCorkle
Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell
Jocelyn Elise Putnam*
Breanna Roles
Meagan Emily Reid Rowatt
Kelsey Alexandra Sim*
Alexandra Kathleen Simpson
Elizabeth Zuwala*

Aaron Eichler, BMus '15Honours Music (Comprehensive)

Victoria Cole Turner*

Bachelor of Music Therapy

Honours Music Therapy

Jihyun Hong*
Hoi Ian Lam
Donja Jean Trivers*
Elyse Vezina-Martel

Deandra Jean Pierroz, BEd '15Certificate in Arts Management

Gwenolyn Sophia Tofano Hodgson*
Vanessa Lancione
Christopher Adam Rafinski

Bachelor of Education

David Boyd
Joshua Nathaniel Braiden
Philip Budd
Alanna Beth Burke
Erin Kristen Armstrong Dickau
Jordan Elizabeth Francis
Emily Elizabeth Lemmon
Pierre Papadopoulos
Deandra Jean Pierroz
Katherine Elizabeth Raiger
Ari Skulko-Kozlov
Victoria Ann Maria Trealout
Ashley S. Zucchet
*    Graduating With Distinction
**  Graduating With Great Distinction