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Michael Darroch, Dr.  Media Art Histories and Visual CultureDr. Michael Darroch, Graduate Coordinator, SoCA
Michael Darroch has seen the publication of 2 research essays in early 2016, deriving from research undertaken during a sabbatical research leave and Visiting Fellowship at the University of London. Each explores the ways that a new field of media studies was imagined, in the 1950s, as an interdisciplinary project bridging studies of new media technologies, visual arts, architecture, town planning, anthropology, as well as Inuit arts and cultures.
(2016) Giedion and Explorations: Confluences of Space and Media in Toronto School Theorisation. Media Transatlantic: Media Theory between Canada and Germany. Norm Friesen, ed. Vienna: Springer. 63-90.
(2016) The Toronto School: Cross-Border Encounters, Intellectual Entanglements. The International History of Communication Studies. Peter Simonson and David Park, eds. London: Routledge. 276-301.
Michael Darroch, Dr.
Graduate Coordinator, SoCA
Media Art Histories and Visual Culture