Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes, Alumna and Faculty

Dr. Amy Clements-CortesDr. Amy Clements-Cortes

Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes, Alumna and Music Therapy Sessional Instructor

Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes is currently Past-President, CAMT; the newly elected President and Clinical Commissioner, WFMT; Co-Editor of the 40th Anniversary Edition of the Canadian Journal of Music Therapy; and member of the editorial review boards for Music Therapy Perspectives, Voices and the WFMT journal. In June 2014 Amy chaired the 40th Anniversary CAMT Conference http://www.camtconference2014.ca/  held in Toronto and will also co-chair the IAMM conference that follows http://www.iammcanada.com/.
She also served on several other conference committees including the World Federation of Music Therapy Congress: Scientific Committee and Conference Proceedings, and the Room 217 Board of Directors and Music Cares Conference committee. Dr. Clements-Cortes won the 2014 Outstanding Health Discipline Teaching Award, Baycrest Centre.
Dr. Clements-Cortes continues to work on several research studies. The Buddy’s Glee Club multi-phase study, which began in 2010 has successfully all three phases and data analysis for phase three is currently underway. Phase three took another innovative and novel approach to studying singing for health and wellness. Older adults diagnosed with moderate cognitive impairment were invited to participate in a weekly choral session led by a music therapist (UWindsor graduate Chrissy Pearson) along with one of their family members, friends or private health care worker. The study focused on the benefits of participating in the choir with a significant other in terms of anxiety, mood, pain, and socialization.
Dr. Clements-Cortes also began a study in 2013 focusing on music therapy clinical internship and has invited participation from music therapy students from all undergraduate Canadian University programs. Giving Back Music Therapy Mentors Rebecca Wright and Christina Shum were instrumental in getting this study off the ground and data analysis will begin in the next few months.
At present Dr. Clements-Cortes in involved in a collaborative study on Rhythmic Sensory Stimulation and Alzheimer’s Disease. This project is led by the Music and Health Research Collaboratory (MaHRC) in collaboration with Baycrest Centre, and the Conrad Institute for Music Therapy Research at Laurier University. The specific aim of this study, is to evaluate the effects of 40 Hz Rhythmic Sensory Stimulation (RSS) in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) with the intent of informing the parameters of a larger proof of concept study followed by a clinical trial. The purpose of this study is to test 40-Hz sensory stimulation as a means of improving alertness, clarity, and short-term memory in AD.
This past year, Dr. Clements-Cortes wrote blogs, was interviewed by and reported in media including:
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Presentations and Publications
Dr. Clements-Cortes participated in 17 national and international peer-refereed conferences and invited academic presentations this past year. She also had a number of publications including:
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Dr.  Clements-Cortes recorded
Buddy’s Glee Club: Growing Older, Singing Better, CD produced from Glee one research study participants in Adult Day Centre, Baycrest, Sept 2013.
Honouring the Passage, Voices from Hospice Music Therapy & Beyond, Various Artists, CD Baby, 2014.  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/carolynkoebel