Dr. Nicholas Papador

Dr. Nicholas Papador performing on marimbaAssociate Professor, Dr. Nicholas Papador performing on marimba (2014).
Dr. Nicholas Papador appears as an on screen performer in the 2014 film River of Fundament, Matthew Barney’s epic cinematic meditation on Norman Mailer’s life and his book Ancient Evenings, which explores the stages of death and reincarnation in Egyptian mythology.  The film premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in February 2014.  
In January 2014, Papador and the percussion section of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra opened a new chamber music series in Windsor called 4th Wall Music.  The program featured works by Steve Reich, John Cage, and Nabojsa Zivkovic among others.
The premiere performance of Papador’s Karass for Percussion Quartet (two soloists and two “shadow” accompanists) took place in January 2014.  Tamburo Doppio (Keith Aleo and Gerald Noble III) commissioned the work in 2013 and played the premiere at the Illinois Percussive Arts Society Day of Percussion.  Several of Papador’s other compositions (Summons, A Very Welcome, Variable Rates, Autumn Portrait, and Three Recollections) received professional and student performances in 2014.
Finally, Dr. Papador finished his second season as Principal Timpanist of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra.  Performance highlights included Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1 and Bizet’s Carmen.
Dr. Nicholas Papador, Associate Professor
School of Creative Arts | Music
University of Windsor
Windsor, Ontario
Canada N9B 3P4