Janice Waldron, Music Education

Dr. Janice Waldron area of expertise is Music EducationDr. Janice Waldron area of expertise is Music Education.
Dr. Janice Waldron has had a busy summer, writing, researching, and presenting at international conferences. First, she has submitted her invited chapters for The Oxford Handbook of Technology and Music Education (entitled Going “Digitally Native”: The Convergence of Networked Technologies with Music Teaching and Learning, February 2015), and The Routledge Companion to Music, Technology & Education (entitled Social Media as Agency in Music Teaching and Learning July 2015). Currently, Dr. Waldron is working on her invited chapter for the Oxford Handbook of Community Music entitled Online Communities and Music Teaching and Learning (November 2015).
Dr. Waldron presented papers at two invited international conferences this summer: first at the MayDay Group Colloquium 26, at the Sunderman Conservatory of Music in Gettysburg, PA (paper title, Going “Digitally Native”: Music Learning and Teaching in a Brave New World), and second, a paper at the 32nd International Society of Music Education Conference, Community Music Symposium at the University of Bahia, Salvadore, Brazil with UWin doctoral student Ms. Patti Hopper (paper title: Converging Contexts: Music Learning and Teaching at the Online Academy of Irish Music’s Offline Summer School, Liscannor, Ireland). The latter paper was based on research that Ms. Hopper and Dr. Waldron carried out in July 2013 in Liscannor, Ireland.
Dr. Waldron continued her SSHRC research on online and offline music learning and teaching communities, collecting data at both the Riverside Celtic College, Elora, Ontario and the Goderich Celtic College, Goderich Ontario.  She continues to be an active reviewer for Music Education Research and The Journal of Music, Education, and Technology, the latter of which she is also an Editorial Board member.
In terms of academic readership and scholarly citations, Dr. Waldron continues to experience success; her latest article in Music Education Research continues its climb into the top ten “most read” articles list for that journal (http://www.tandfonline.com/action/showMostReadArticles?journalCode=cmue20#.U4eGfi-Rw_Y), as does an earlier article published in 2013 in the International Journal of Music Education (http://ijm.sagepub.com/rss/mfr.xml).
She currently has 105 scholarly citations on Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.ca/citations?user=CEKZTAkAAAAJ&hl=en.