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FSL Proficiency Testing

Requirements for French as a Second Language

French Proficiency Test

Candidates who are registering in French as a Second Language, Part I should carefully review the information below

Test Dates

79-100 AQ French as a Second Language Part 1 is open for enrollment for the upcoming  Winter 2022 semester.  Testing will be set up between January 8, 2022 to January 15, 2022.  If you need to take the test, contact  to be added to the testing site and for details regarding the test.


Location: Online testing

Candidates who have not paid for the test or who have not registered for French as a Second Language, Part I will not be permitted to take the test.  You can pay for the test online.  The option to pay for the test is under Special Requests under your student account options.



Candidates who meet the criteria for an exemption must apply for an exemption at least 5 days before the test date, otherwise they must write the test. Criteria for French test exemption.

  • If you have attended a Francophone University, such as Montreal, Laval, Chicoutimi, Quebec, Sudbury, Laurentian and Ottawa, where the language of instruction was French for all university courses completed, you may apply for an exemption from writing the test.
  • Graduated from a French-speaking high school
  • Graduated from a French Immersion High school with a certificate of completion
  • Proficiency testing results from other Institutions may be considered for exemptions.Admission offers from other institutions are not considered for exemptions.
  • In extenuating circumstances, candidates may have an interview with the Continuing Education Program Coordinator concerning the proficiency test.

Requesting an exemption

Candidates who believe that they may be eligible for exemption must contact the Continuing Education Program Coordinator ( or 519-253-3000 X 6725) at least 5 business days prior to the stated test date with a copy of their applicable university transcripts.  Transcripts may be faxed to 519-971-3620 or emailed to


The cost of taking the test is $50.  This is not included in the course fee. The $50 test fee is non-refundable. You must register and pay for the course prior to taking the test.

Preparing for the Test

Candidates are advised to prepare well for the test. To improve oral fluency consider:

  • listening to a French radio station
  • watching television, movies, films or plays in French
  • speaking French with friends or family
  • taking French classes at post-secondary institutions such as Collège Boréal

To improve written fluency consider:

  • reviewing all tenses of verbs, spelling, use of specific tenses such as l'imparfait, le conditionnel, le subjonctif, le passé composé
  • reading in French to review vocabulary
  • practising a cloze test by photocopying a paragraph and whiting out about twenty words. Later, fill in the blanks and compare your answers with the original copy.
  • purchasing or accessing multimedia programs such as Success in French
  • reviewing grammar books that you already have
  • searching the Internet for sites on French language

You may also wish to contact institutions that offer French courses such as Collège Boréal, your local community colleges or universities. It would also be advisable to seek out immersion French courses offered by travel agencies such as areas in Quebec or other francophone speaking areas.

Here are the websites that may help you in preparing for the test:

Passing Grade

To pass the test you need to achieve at least 70%.