Admission Requirements

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Full-Time M.Ed. Students must maintain continuous registration and pay fees in each successive term from initial registration until all requirements for the degree are completed. "Registration" may include a course or other degree requirements, such as Independent Reading Course, Major Paper or Thesis (Masters students); or Comprehensive Portfolio or Doctoral Dissertation (Doctoral students).

In addition to the requirements for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, applicants to the Master of Education program must have:

  1. a 4 year (Honours) undergraduate degree
  2. an interest in educational issues
  3. at least one year of successful professional experience in teaching or training
  4. a "Statement of Academic Objectives and Research Interests" (for research-based M.Ed.) or a personal statement discussing why you wish to do graduate studies in the area of educational studies and how it fits into your plan for entry into the workforce as a working professional and/or scholar (for course-based M.Ed.).
  5. a "Selection of Area of Concentration Form"
  6. proficiency in the English language

Possession of the minimum requirements does not ensure admission. Please also see the International Students page for English Proficiency requirements and the Application Procedures page for your degree-specific criteria.

Undergraduate Degree

Graduates of recognized universities may be admitted to programs leading to the Master's degree. A student with a four-year degree or equivalent in the discipline to which s/he is seeking admission, and who has an academic standing equivalent to 70% or better in the final two years of study (full time equivalent) may be admitted to a Master's program (M2).

Professional Experience

Applicants to the M.Ed. programs should have had some exposure to the processes and practice of education.  This may take the form of actual classroom teaching, working with children on an ongoing volunteer basis, adult education, educational policy development, or a variety of other activities that demonstrate the applicant's interest in and exposure to the processes of education.  The normal expectation in this regard is that applicants will have at least one year of education related work experience.  Applicants who fulfill the application requirements with the exception of at least one year of successful professional experience in education may be considered if they hold an honours Bachelor's degree or the equivalent with standing in the B range overall and at least a B standing in the final two years of study.

Statement of Academic Objectives and Research Interests

The Statement of Academic Objectives and Research Interests describes your reasons for pursuing graduate study in the Faculty of Education at the University of Windsor. Your statement should include, but not be limited to, a description of:

  • Your research interests
  • How your previous studies and experience have prepared you for the program
  • Your career and scholarly objectives
  • How you perceive the graduate degree will advance these objectives

Selection of Area of Concentration Form

PDF Document Download Download the Selection of Area Concentration Form

English Language Proficiency

International Students interested in enrolling in the M.Ed. must demonstrate a certain level of proficiency in English, as the working language of instruction in the Faculty of Education. Students must score a 7.0 (or above) in three of the four areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking, with the other being no lower than 6.5.  If TOEFL (iBT) is being submitted, an overall minimum total score of 100 is required for consideration.

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