Area of Concentration: Curriculum Studies

This concentration will enable you to examine philosophical orientations, conceptual frameworks, and research methodologies relevant to the study of theoretical and developmental aspects of curriculum in a Canadian and international context. The program objectives will be accomplished through the completion of one of the three streams (course based, major paper, thesis). This graduate program will allow you to develop your skills and knowledge to enhance your professional practice.


Mandatory Courses

Course determined by the area of concentration:

EDUC-8001 Research in Education
EDUC-8004 Fundamentals of Curriculum Theory and Development

Students in the Course Based stream must take EDUC-8001.
Students in the Major Paper and Thesis stream must take EDUC-8001 and EDUC-8002.

EDUC-8001 Research in Education
EDUC-8002 Statistics in Education

All students must take one of the following courses, depending on the completion stream they have chosen.

EDUC-8795 Final Project Seminar (1 credit)
Major Paper (2 credits)
Thesis (4 credits)

(Note: Students in the Thesis stream must also complete EDUC-8940 Thesis Proposal)

Students must complete their 10 credit requirement by taking courses from the following lists of courses. Please refer to the Graduate Calendar External Link as it is the final authority with regard to course selection.

Curriculum Studies Option Courses

EDUC-8002 Statistics in Education
EDUC-8003 Qualitative Methods in Educational Research
EDUC-8004 Fundamentals of Curriculum Theory and Development
EDUC-8006 Second Language Teaching: Theories and Applications
EDUC-8030 The Psychology of Learning and Teaching
EDUC-8150 Comparative and International Education

EDUC-8330 Survey Design and Research
Language Arts in the Elementary School
The Arts and Education
EDUC-8470 Learning in Science
Issues in Education
EDUC-8510 Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) for Teaching and Learning
Curriculum Developments in Mathematics Education
The Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Fundamentals of Instructional Design
EDUC-8550 Strategies for the implementation of Change
 Approaches to Literacy Development
EDUC-8580 Psychology of Learning Problems
Sociological Aspects of Education
EDUC-8910 Special Topics in Education