Students sit outside of the Engineering Building

WINONE First Year Office

At UWindsor Engineering, you’ll find yourself surrounded by bright minds that share a passion for improving lives through engineering, innovation and research. Everyone here brings their own unique perspective to the mix, creating the perfect environment to collaborate on solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. We can’t wait to see how your ideas and contributions will further enrich our great community and the lives of others around the world!

Whether your transition is from high school or a local or international college or university, our WINONE First Year Office is here to guide you in this new and demanding environment. The WINONE office is your one-stop centre for academic assistance for first-year engineering, including the following:

  • General advising and counselling
  • Orientation and advising for new students
  • Non-academic student counselling



First-Year Handbook 


Office for First Year Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, University of Windsor
Room 1160, Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation
519-253-3000, Ext. 2560