Graduate Assistantship Postings

Graduate Assistantship Postings
In accordance with Article 12:01 of the CUPE 4580 Collective Agreement, the Department of Mechanical, Automotive & Materials Engineering invites applications for GA positions for the Winter 2024 term.  The total number of Graduate Assistantships allocated to MAME for 2023-24 (S23, F23, W24) is 240.  It is anticipated that 80 GA positions for a maximum of 140 hours each (some positions split between two courses) will be required for Winter 2024. All positions are subject to sufficient enrolment and final budgetary approval. 

Winter 2024 GA Application 

Applicants must submit ALL transcripts (undergraduate, MASc and PhD) in 1 PDF document, named in this format (LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME transcripts). This is required to ensure the applicant has the necessary background or experience when assigning GAs for courses.  If your application does not include ALL transcripts as requested, it will be deemed incomplete and will not be considered.

Please upload your transcripts in ONE (1) PDF document naming the fileLASTNAME, FIRSTNAME transcripts


Deadline for completing the online application – 8:30am – Monday, November 13, 2023