Teacher Training

Start your path to a career in teaching.

The Centre for English Language Development (CELD) offers teacher training programs geared to teaching English to speakers of other languages.

TESOL instructors have advanced degrees, are experts in teaching methodology for low to advanced English proficiency, and have vast teaching experience in international and/or Canadian contexts.

Here's what some of our students have to say:


Photo of Zavier LaonardZavier Leonard, Fall 2018

"I enrolled in the TESOL certification program in Fall 2018 expecting it to be more supplemental than anything, but the experience has proved invaluable all its own. 

First there were the theory classes. Initially, I was skeptical that the theory wouldn't translate as well into the practical component, but I was incredibly fortunate to have a very encouraging mentor and very engaging professor - Dr. Lotfi. I was intimidated entering as someone with only a BA in English while my peers varied from having Masters degrees to already being teachers, but honestly it all faded once class began. 

Everyone was nervous but Dr. Lotfi made it a comfortable, constructive space, and there was a visible confidence boost in everyone with every subsequent demo. Having both access to your peers ideas and creativity and Dr. Lotfi's experience meant that you felt well-armed when approaching the practical portion.  20hrs seemed daunting at the beginning, but at least in my experience I opted to spend more time observing under my mentor and bonding with my students.

Honestly, there is such a lovely bunch of ESL instructors there, and they all are very committed to their students. I would definitely recommend it to those curious, or those looking to supplement as I did, or even those (which I was also unaware until the course) seeking employment, as there is a VAST number of ESL opportunities career-wise available. "


Photo of Qiyu WangQiyu Wang, Fall 2018

"At the beginning I was a little nervous about taking TESOL Certificate program at the University of Windsor because I didn't have any background related to English teaching. Now I can confirm that it’s definitely a valuable and encouraging learning experience. Professor Lotfi’s supports and expertise helped me to build up my confidence. Her qualities of being open-minded, organized and having a high level of cultural awareness also inspired me. The course is combined with in-class theory study and practical teaching in an ESL class. The practical part of the program enabled me to reflect on the theory I have learnt and then improve my teaching skills immediately. The course materials and workload are challenging but manageable. Overall, I enjoyed the whole learning process. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to start their career in English teaching field."


Photo of Chiyu WangChiyu Wang, Fall 2018

“I heard about the TESOL Certificate Program through my Thesis Supervisor, because I had the experience of teaching English for beginner students before, and I am very interested in teaching, therefore he inspired and encouraged me to register, I really appreciate, otherwise I would miss such a good program.

I acquired a lot of TESOL theories and methods after nearly four months of practice and study. This is a very good opportunity to share and enjoy! Our Professor Dr. Lotfi who has a great experience in the field on both teaching and theoretical. Under her help, I completed my observation lesson, independent teaching, and Micro-teaching very smoothly and successfully. She is a very responsible professor who gave us a lot of detailed feedback for each lesson plan and practice.

I will definitely believe this is a recommendable program. If you are interested in teaching, come and join us! "


Aleksandar Premrl, Winter 2018Photo of Aleksandar Premrl

"I had the pleasure of taking the TESOL certification course at the University of Windsor and found it to be an educational and enjoyable experience. Professor Lotfi’s attention to detail and passion for the program was apparent through her commitment to the students and the curriculum. The course material was extremely thorough and quite challenging. I truly feel that I have become a more effective teacher as a result of participating in the TESOL program and would recommend the course to anyone who wishes to become a teacher or simply develop and hone their pre-existing skills."


Photo of Emanuela InfantinoEmanuela Infantino, Winter 2018

"I decided to take the TESOL Certificate program at the University of Windsor because it is recognized along with the TESOL Diploma for certification with TESL Ontario. I found it to be a great combination of both theory and practice.  In-class work focused on planning and teaching strategies for the ESL classroom.  As part of the 20-hour practicum, we worked alongside an ESL teaching mentor who provided valuable feedback to help us develop our skills. Overall, I am very happy with the instruction I received during the course and would recommend the program to anyone who wishes to learn more about the pedagogy involved in teaching English Language Learners."


Photo of Aman GhawanmehAman Ghawanmeh, Fall 2017

"As soon as I completed my undergrad, I knew that I wanted to persue a career in teaching English oversees. However, despite having a Bachelor’s degree in English language and literature, I didn’t know where and how to begin. The TESOL program was precisely what I needed to begin a teaching career. Dr. Lotfi walks you through the various aspects of lesson planning with incredible attention to details that will prove to be vital in the classroom. I was delighted to find the program easy to follow, while Dr. Lotfi’s dedication insures an enjoyable and comfortable environment. 

Moreover, the 20-hour practicum portion gives you the opportunity to experience teaching in a real classroom with the guidance of a trained ESL instructor. The ability to experiment with and apply the materials provided by Dr. Lotfi in the classroom while simultaneously observing the teaching methods of the ESL teacher offers you a more thorough understanding. 

Finally, I’m extremely thankful for the skills and information that the TESOL program has provided me, because I’ve been able to use them in my own classroom here in South Korea! "


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